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Hot To Go Machine Shop Services

You have seen the race results for the past decade. HTG powered Polaris' have proven themselves many times over in the drag racing circuits. Cylinder porting
is an important part of a performance two stroke snowmobile engine. From a full mod race engine to
a reliable trail engine the porting must be done right.
HTG's many years of track, trail, and dyno testing
hi-performance combinations for your Polaris snowmobile is equalled by none! Our porting technicians are simply the best in the business.

Engine porting is very complex and it is critical that the right port job goes with the right application.
HTG ports your cylinders to match your needs.
The ability to build reliable engine packages that
perform, needs experience. HTG has the experience!
Jason Bartolotta - Porting Specialist

Call HTG for your specific porting needs today!
 Performance Coatings
HTG offers a piston coating which is a heat barrier
on the top of the piston and an anti-scuffing protective
coating on the skirts. This helps insure longevity of your high performance engine. We also offer performance coatings for pipes, engine parts, or chassis parts for a long lasting beautiful finish. Available in a wide range of colors.
 Re-Plating Services
 Dyno Services
HTG does business with a facility in the U.S. that
can re-plate your damaged nikasil cylinders. The
origional plating is stripped and a new plating
applied. If required, boring and welding is available
at an additional charge. Base prices for strip, nicom,
hone start at $150.00 per cylinder (plus shipping
HTG has an in-house computerized Huff Technology
dyno. This dyno is used for many hours of R&D work
to develop the latest porting specs and designing
pipes to give you the best possible performance for
race and trail.

HTG does customer dyno testing
by appointment only.
(716)773-6184 FAX
 Carb Boring
 Crankshaft Services
HTG can big bore your carburetors for increased
air-flow for your high performance or race
HTG can do many crank repair services including
truing, welding, bearing and rod changes. We offer
you very competitive rates and a quick turnaround.
 Re-Sleeving Cylinders
 Fox Shock Retuning & Rebuilding
HTG has the facilities to re-sleeve your damaged
cylinders. Please provide a piston for proper sizing
of your cylinder or you can purchase one from us.
Sleeve will be ported to match cylinder.
Sno-cross racer, Peter Meyer has the expertise
to rebuild or custom tune your Fox shocks.
Quick in-house turnaround available.
2317 Grand Island Blvd.
Grand Island, NY 14072
Fax (716)773-6184
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