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 HTG Cylinders
HTG Triples Have proven to be the best from the 600 and 650 Indy's to the Storm's in the 90's and on to the new V.E.S. Triples in the new Millennium. HTG & The Crank Shop have been putting their efforts together on the Polaris reed triples for years. It started by welding up Storm cylinders to change the flow pattern. By changing the flow pattern, a more efficient combustion, and more power could be achieved. No one made more power for Storm's than HTG. Period! Repeated Hay-Day wins in 1000 Imp.Stk has proven this throughout the years.

Changing the flow pattern by re-designing the cylinders gave good results, on the dyno and in the field. Countless races have been won with HTG motors based on this technology.

Ever since then, there's been a continuous evolvement of cylinder design. Since 1994 there have been many different prototypes released from the R&D department. These cylinder-prototypes and testing have led to the most powerful two-stroke cylinder available. We then added exhaust valves for even better low end power. Whether you're trail riding or racing, you cannot get a better power package than an HTG V.E.S Triple!
 Big Bore Kits
 1000 & 1100 Kit for all Polaris
Reed Valve Triples from 1993 to 2000!
The Ultimate in Trail Performance! A Variable Exhaust Valve,
Hardsleeved or Nikasil Bore set of HTG cylinders and heads that
will produce 200 to 225 pump gas reliable trail performance
horsepower! The newest state of the art performance cylinders
( seen on cylinder page ) are available in kit form for the do-it-
yourselfer or you can send us your bottom end and we can
completely assemble and dyno test your engine for bolt on
performance beyond belief! 1999 and 2000 XCR owners will
utilize the stock V.E.S. controllers and other Polaris triples will
have these parts supplied. Your previously purchased HTG triple
pipes will work on this kit for the same quiet performance you are
used to.

1000cc Kit: 11.8:1 comp stock carbs,
                                V-force & low RPM trail pipes = .200+hp
1000cc Kit: 11.8:1 comp 44 flatside carbs,
                                V-force & low RPM trail pipes = 210+hp
1000cc Kit: 12.6:1 comp 44 flat side carbs,
                                V-force & low RPM trail pipes = 215+hp
1000cc Kit: 12.6:1 comp 44 flat side carbs,
                                V-force & lake race pipe = 220+hp
1100cc Kit: 12.6:1 comp 44 flat side carbs,
                                V-force & lake race pipe = 230+hp
Full Race Kit: 48 carbs & race pipes = 250+hp

The complete kit includes: crankcase porting and clearance, crank welding, 3 ported V.E.S., Hardsleeved or Nikasil cylinders, 3 HTG cyl. heads, coated pistons, rings, pins, clips, gaskets & assembly. V-force reeds, Lectron 44mm flat side and HTG pipes are recommended for the Ultimate Package which utilizes the stock muffler for a no-hassle, seen but not heard performance!

Completely Assembled Kit:
Call for Pricing

The do-it-yourselfer kit consists of: 3 ported Hardsleeved or Nikasil V.E.S cylinders, 3 HTG heads, coated pistons, rings, pins, clips and gaskets. Or we can customize your kit to fit your needs.

Do-It-Yourself  Kit:
Call for Pricing
 900cc Kit for XCR 600, ULTRA 680, XCR 700